What’s in the Box ?

1. Product: Unisex Backpack
2. Product: 20K Mah PD Powerbank
3. Product: Light-Up Headphone
4. Product: Premium Tumbler
5. Product: 3in1 Light-Up CarPlay Cable



IMPORTANT NOTICE: MOBILMOODS products are sold in many countries of the world such as the United States of America, England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Turkey and Hong Kong.

Your travels are now much more organized and easier with the wonderful and needed products in the Mobilmoods Travel Backpack Set

You can personalize all the products in the set for you or your company.

A unique gift for special occasions such as New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

It is a very ideal opportunity product for corporate promotional product, especially for your company’s customers.

You can consider it as a welcome gift to your new employees in your company.



– Provides durable carry up to 10 lbs. (up to 20kg)

– You can personalize your company or your own name on the metal plate on the front of the bag.

– With the quality, waterproof fabric material, you feel the quality immediately.

– Thanks to its deep interior, you can easily put all your personal use products, including computers.

– With 3 separate zippered sections, you can easily separate your personal products in different categories.

– You can easily charge your phone by using the powerbank and charging cable included in the set with the USB output on the outside.

– With the cup holder on the outside, you can easily carry your premium thermos, which is also included in the set.

– You will not feel any discomfort thanks to the soft sponge in the back section.

– You can carry all the weight in a balanced way thanks to the adjustable, sturdy back straps.



– You can personalize your company logo or name on the large area on the front of our product suitable for laser printing.

– Thanks to its high-capacity battery, it quickly charges your phones 4-5 times depending on your usage.

– Thanks to its LCD display screen, you can see how much extra battery power you have left.

– Thanks to the PD (Power Delivery) feature, you can easily charge your computers with USB-C input. All Macbook models are included in this.

– You can charge 3 different devices at the same time.
(2USB / 1 USB-C Output)



– You can engrave your company logo or name as light-up on the right and left ear parts of our product.

– Thanks to the noise canceling feature, you will not receive any external sound.

– You can listen to music for up to 3 hours without interruption.

– It will be the most indispensable part of your travels.



– You can engrave your company’s logo or name on any part of our product.

– Thanks to the 304 coded steel used in its production, you will have the longest use.

– Suitable for hot-cold use.

– You can drink comfortably and provide continuous use thanks to its retractable lid.



– You can engrave our product as a light-up with your company logo or name.

– You can charge all your iPhone (LIGHTNING), USB-C or MICRO input devices thanks to its 3 different charging tips.

– It is suitable for all charger inputs thanks to its USB and USB-C input.

– Thanks to its Data Transfer feature, it allows you to use the Apple Car Play feature in your vehicles.


➤➤➤ We would like to thank you in advance for your order and want you to know that we will deliver the best service to you in the most appropriate time.

Corporate Sales Team